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Southern Belles Video Shoot

Southern Belles Video Shoot


This is Katie writing, I'm Dee's summer intern. I'm currently a sophomore at The University of South Carolina studying Media Arts, Communications, and Business. This summer internship has allowed me to practice everything I've learned this past year at school, and I can already see how much I've improved (Thanks Dee!) Dee has given me the chance to be as creative as I'd like with these shoots. Thankfully I have beautiful friends who love helping me with all types of projects!

Video commercials have been around for awhile, but now the platform is expanding and new genres of video marketing comes with it! This type of video shoot showcases the jewelry and models in action. Instead of a still photo, the moving shots grasp the viewer's attention for longer, and allows the creator to be as creative as they'd like! My inspiration came from my friends Halle and Mackenzie, who personify what a southern belle is, Charleston's beautiful scenery, and Dee's breathtaking jewelry!

Thanks Dee and my amazing friends for helping me out with this shoot, and I look forward to seeing my skills continually improve the rest of the summer working with Dee! 










extra pics :)